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A Real Southern Peach

satire vegatables annoying law student.jpgRidiculum brings us the story of Tiffany Shah. A fictional Duke 2L (we hope) who never learned the Major League lesson about celebrating when the guy next to you just died.
Not that there aren’t many real life Tiffany Shah’s out there. This excerpt could be about any number of 2Ls who need to reassess their lives.

A typical conversation goes something like this: ‘Hello. Is this SULLIVAN AND CROMWELL? Yes, SULLIVAN? Great! I have an OFFER to come back and I’d LOVE to schedule an interview.’ And not only does she place emphasis on the firm name but she turns around and looks at the whole freakin’ room while doing it.

Some of you know this person. Some of you are this person. She’s the reason why God made vegetables perishable.
Student Loudly Schedules Her Multiple Callbacks in Law School Common Area [Ridiculum]

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