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Judge Kent Objects to His Indictment. Strenuously.

Samuel Kent Judge Samuel B Kent Above the Law blog.jpgMethinks the judge doth protest too much? From the Houston Chronicle:

U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent stood before a fellow federal judge this morning and vehemently proclaimed his innocence of three federal sexual crimes in his indictment.

“I plead absolutely, unequivocally not guilty and look very much forward to a trial on the merits of what I consider flagrant, scurrilous charges,” Kent stated with force to U.S. 5th Circuit Judge Edward Prado.

“For the record I absolutely intend to testify, and we are going to bring a horde of witnesses,” Kent said.

He also promised “a killer alibi,” “a s**tload of exculpatory evidence,” and an exonerating sex tape.
Is it necessary to Mirandize a longtime judge? Better be on the safe side:

Prado frequently said things such as “You pretty well know the routine,” and “As you know, you have the right to remain silent.”

The defendant’s status as a sitting federal judge led to some other, lighter moments. More below the fold.

Maybe Judge Kent should have proceeded pro se:

In court DeGuerin and Kent both told the judge that the 2003 charge should be dismissed because it was filed more than five years after the alleged event, past the limitations allowed by the statute in question.

“Count one is time barred pursuant to a sworn pleading,” Kent told the judge.

DeGuerin said: “Your honor will see I have very little client control.”

Kent then joked: “I’m trying to save money.”

Prado joked back that on a federal judge’s salary, maybe he should be provided a lawyer.

Did you hear that, Congress?
In previous statements, it sounded like Judge Kent was claiming a consensual intimate relationship. But now it seems his story has changed:

DeGuerin said on the sidewalk outside the courthouse that Kent and McBroom did not have a sexual relationship but “they did have a flirty, close relationship” and there are many witnesses to show that. DeGuerin said McBroom lied about the judge’s actions to keep from getting fired.

Seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to just to keep your job. But we’ll withhold judgment until we hear from the aforementioned “horde.”
Federal Judge Samuel Kent promises “a horde of witnesses” [Houston Chronicle via ABA Journal]
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