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Judge of the Day: Penny Brown Reynolds

Judge Penny Brown Reynolds Penny Reynolds.jpgWhen it comes to the television bench, the great state of Florida seems to be the feeder court. See the list of Floridian judges turned TV judges at the end of this post.
But Florida doesn’t have a monopoly on television jurists. From the Fulton County Daily Report:

Writing that “God has called me to a higher place,” Fulton County State Court Judge Penny Brown Reynolds on Monday notified Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue that she would resign, effective Oct. 22, to embark on her new career as a television judge on “Family Court with Judge Penny.”

Because the television bench is certainly a “higher place” than the real thing. Higher-paying, at least — and God wants us all to be rich.

In her letter to Perdue, Reynolds said she leaves with a legacy that “includes a current case docket, never having been reversed by an appellate court on any criminal matter and only reversed in a few civil matters.”

That’s an impressive record for a judge who was appointed to the bench back in 2000. Georgia’s loss is the boob tube’s gain. We wish Judge Reynolds the best in her new role.
Judge to Resign Next Month for TV Gig [Fulton County Daily Report via Law.com]

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