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Louisiana AG is a rattlesnake… in a good way

buddy caldwell louisiana ag.jpgWith the hurricane season upon us, residents of coastal states are watching the radar and making storm plans. While New Orleans residents are wondering whether it’s safe to go home after Hurricane Gustav, their attorney general wants to make sure it’s affordable to come home.
Louisiana Attorney General James D. “Buddy” Caldwell plans to crack down on price-gougers, after getting complaints about inflated prices for hotel rooms and gasoline. But who isn’t complaining about gasoline prices these days?
From The Daily Advertiser:

The attorney general said that under state law, owners, managers, employees and “anyone who participates in jacking up prices” is subject to a $500 fine and six months in prison on each count of price gouging.
“Like a rattlesnake, first we give a warning,” [“Buddy”] said. But if a business doesn’t comply with the law, “then we bite.”

What’s that sound? It’s the long rattle of the law.
Attorney general targets gougers [The Daily Advertiser]

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