Morning Docket

Morning Docket 09.04.08

Kwame%20Kilpatrick%20Mayor%20Kwame%20M%20Kilpatrick%20Above%20the%20Law%20blog.jpg* Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani were in attack dog mode during the Republican convention last night. [New York Times]
* A look at the laws that govern Facebook. Being too active can get you banned, as our very own David Lat discovered. [Washington Post]
* Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick heads to court today for his criminal perjury case. Will he plead guilty and resign? Or will he keep dragging this thing out? Stay tuned. [Detroit Free Press]
* Perhaps Kilpatrick’s extramarital text messaging behavior has a genetic component. He could be one of the men carrying the “commitment-phobia” gene. [Los Angeles Times]
* Disgraced Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff will be sentenced today in his corruption trial. [Associated Press]
* Pizza delivery man to be tried for the murder of his teacher wife’s teenage lover. [CNN]
* Emergency budget crisis for courts in England. [The Times]
* An argument against lawyers for president. “The problem is that lawyers usually do not run companies, defend the country, lead people, build things, grow food or create capital.” [San Jose Mercury News]

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