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Musical Chairs: Last Call To Cash In Before The Election

alice fisher alice s fisher.jpgThe problem with being a government lawyer is that you don’t have a lot of control over which “government” you are working for. Even if you have a non-partisan, non-patronage position, anytime a new administration takes power there is the possibility of turmoil.
Like the swallows of Capistrano, now is the season we expect public sector birds to leave their mission and return to their Biglaw vacation grounds.
Yesterday Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher announced that she would be rejoining Latham & Watkins. You might remember Ms. Fisher from our former editor’s open crush on the “brassy, blonde, tough-talking Fisher.” I’m staring right now at the 3 golden locks of Fisher’s hair ATL has “acquired” under questionable circumstances.
Fisher’s new position at Latham will be “global co-chair of the white-collar and government investigations practice group.” It’s good work if you can get it.
More new hires after the jump.

Gibson Dunn netted a less sexy yet equally important hire. Mark Schonfeld had been the SEC’s chief enforcement attorney. He made his bones bending AIG over his knee and beating $800 million out of them.
Loretta Preska small Judge Loretta K Preska Southern District of New York Above the Law blog.JPGWe don’t yet know what role Schonfeld will fill at Gibson, but more importantly there is no word on who will replace Schonfeld at the SEC. Replacing Schonfeld will add just a little more uncertainty in the marketplace, so that should help things.
Luckily, there are still some people who don’t mind living off the public largess. It looks like Judge Loretta Preska is getting a promotion. Yesterday, Bush nominated her for a spot on the 2nd Circuit. Preska should be well known around these parts for smacking around Cleary Gottlieb, putting the New York Rangers on ice, and standing up for Borat.
We will continue to stalk cover all of our favorites as they move into their new positions of power and glory.
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