Non-Sequiturs: 09.26.08

obama mccain laugh it up fuzzball.JPG* The rise and fall of Heller Ehrman. [Adam Smith, Esq.]

* Homoerotic novelist > SEC attorney. [Legal Blog Watch]

* The best presidential debate is the one you give yourself. [f/k/a]

* Why should Wall Street tycoons be the only ones getting a bailout? [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

* What do lawyers and prostitutes have in common (other than taking-it-hard from older men for money)? They are both recession proof! [Slate]

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17 Responses to “Non-Sequiturs: 09.26.08”

  1. guest says:

    First to say Firsty

  2. guest says:

    What’s “The Slate”?

  3. guest says:

    It’s “other THAN”. Edit your work, Elie!

  4. guest says:

    Rob Fram can suck it. hard.

  5. guest says:

    The Adam Smith Esq piece on Heller is really well done.

  6. guest says:

    The last time McCain debated in the 2004 primaries he made a real ass of himself:

  7. guest says:

    From that Slate piece:

    “Caroline learned quickly that she had to diversify in order to survive these cycles. Now, she never has more than half of her clients in one economic sector. ‘I always have lawyers, very dependable. And I never have too many stock brokers. They’re a real pain in the ass. I’ve never heard anyone whine more than them.'”

  8. guest says:

    I agree with 5. It makes some good points (which unfortunately are looking applicable to Thelen, as well.) And I never did understand term limits.

  9. TTTroll says:

    “Father Bear Daddy the gay priest” … coming soon to an awkward adolescent nightmare near you…

  10. guest says:

    “We want to take money.”

    – Joe Biden

  11. guest says:

    Great video about prosecutors acting as an Obama truth squad. Hey guys, it’s just the First Amendment we’re talking about

  12. guest says:

    I wonder if Mystal eats Twinks.

  13. guest says:

    how does this post affect the 14 associates at WILDMAN HARROLD??

  14. guest says:

    The AdamSmith analysis is wrong. Larabee was running the same master plan that Levin was following. And if Levin was such a master leader, why did Heller acquire VLG on his watch?

  15. guest says:

    These pretzels are making me sixteenthy.

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