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Halloween Ideas: Is Just Being a Lawyer Scary Enough?

sexy prosecutor.jpgWith Halloween around the corner, we imagine you may be desperately brainstorming costume ideas for next week. While clients may accuse you of being blood-suckers all year long, we know better.

A few years back, we knew of a paralegal who donned tighty-whities over his suit, and spent the bulk of the Halloween night explaining that he was a “legal brief.”

We went searching for other legally-themed costumes, and found “lawyer costume ideas” on Costumezee, including “sexy prosecuter [sic],” pictured at right.

She looks more like sexy school girl in high heels. Where’s the ever-present cup of coffee and boxes of discovery?

Curious as to what “sexy public defender” would look like? Check it out, along with more Halloween costumes, after the jump. We invite you to offer better ideas for costumes in the comments.

Apparently, to change sexy prosecutor into sexy defense attorney, you just add stockings and glasses.

sexy prosecutor public defender costumes.jpg

Which would you rather be: judge or sexy judge?

judge sexy judge costume.jpg

Or you could go as the lawyer seeking to be president. From

obama mask costume.jpg

Scary. Very scary.

How are you dressing this year? What’s the best legally-themed costume you’ve ever seen?

Lawyer Costume Ideas [Costumzee]

Deluxe Obama Mask []

(hidden for your protection)

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