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Lawyer of the Day: Drug Donkey Gets Caught

keller the mule.jpgJason John Jingleheimer Schmidt Keller is a full service criminal defense attorney. He’s there for you at your arraignment, at your trial, and even when you get the shakes:

According to court documents, Keller, 34, on at least three separate occasions this year, allegedly smuggled heroin, a cell phone and cell phone charger into the Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail.

Well, what was he supposed to do? Not provide his clients with a reliable hook up? Obviously he gave his clients all the means to acquire this precious substance on their own and only stepped in when nobody else would mule them the needed medication.

Keller’s clients don’t sound like the kind of guys you say no to:

Some of the inmates are members of a violent criminal street gang, the Mexican Mafia, and at least one is known to be Keller’s client, the Arizona attorney general’s office said.

Hopefully, the Mexican Mafia saved some of their contraband to share with Mr. Donkey Esquire.

Defense attorney faces prison contraband charges [East Valley Tribune]

Attorney charged with smuggling heroin, phones into jail [KTAR]

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