October 2008

  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 10.16.08

    * “Barack Obama looked like a prosecutor delivering a polished summation in a long civil case, Joe the Plumber v. George W. Bush. John McCain was closer to a personal injury lawyer, staring into the camera to address ‘Joe the Plumber’ as if he were standing by with an 800 number.” [New York Times] * […]

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  • Layoffs

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: Katten’s Official Message

    Katten Muchin Rosenman has officially announced that they have parted ways with a number of attorneys. According to partner and spokesperson Tasneem K. Goodman: Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP this week eliminated the positions of 21 associates and counsel across multiple offices and practices. This measure was taken to further improve the firm’s efficiency, to allow […]

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  • Gay, Gay Marriage

    Gay Marriage Debate Comes To Proskauer Rose

    Legal analyst and pop-culture sycophant Russell Wetanson has been running a fairly aggressive campaign against California’s Proposition 8. The measure would ban gay marriages in California, as we have discussed before. Wetanson sent around the following email to subscribers to his blog: No On Prop 8. No On Prop 8. No On Prop 8. If […]

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  • Bar Exams

    Virginia Bar Exam: Everybody Be Cool

    The results of the July 2008 Virginia Bar Exam were supposed to be posted today. And when the site went dead today it looked like the results would be coming soon. But that was at noon. And now everybody is freaking out. But we’ve been through this before with the Illinois results. Everybody just needs […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 10.15.08

    * Is there any doubt that Lucy grew up to be a lawyer? [Doyle Reports] * Great. Now A.G. Cuomo is angry. If there was ever a man who needed his father to buy him a baseball team … [Dealbreaker] * Additional Heller lifeboats. Only partners need apply. [Legal Pad] * If you let children […]

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  • Lawsuit of the Day, Religion

    Lawsuit of the Day: God is Indemnified

    Given the state of the world, we can understand some anger at the Big Guy Upstairs. And the best way to deal with anger is in the courtroom, right? So thought former Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers. He sued God last year, “seeking a permanent injunction to prevent God from committing acts of violence such […]

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  • Layoffs, Sonnenschein

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: The Sun Is Not Shining At Sonnenschein

    Today is not a good day to be Carlo Rizzi. We’re getting word that Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal is laying off a bunch of attorneys and staff today. The big number we are hearing is that 60 associates and staff are out of jobs. According to one tipster, the layoffs are being carried out nationwide, […]

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  • Law School Deans

    Case Western School Of Law Dean Falls On Sword

    Gary J. Simson, best known for his incessant bitching about the U.S. News rankings, is stepping down as dean of the Case Western Reserve School of Law: We write to inform you that Gary J. Simson has agreed to resign as dean, effective at the end of this academic semester. Starting today, Robert H. Rawson […]

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  • Layoffs

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: Is Katten Cutting Fat?

    Perhaps the Clifford Chance layoffs were just the beginning. We’re getting multiple reports that Katten Muchin Rosenman is laying off associates in their Chicago office, today. Right now. Katten representatives did not respond to inquiries made last night or today. Meanwhile, the Charlotte-firm of Moore & Van Allen has laid off 20 staff members today. […]

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  • Biglaw, Women's Issues

    Minority Women = Snowball In Hell

    A NALP report confirms what we see everyday: minority women partners barely exist. The National Law Journal reports: Minority women remain the most underrepresented group among law firm partners, according to the report. They currently make up 1.88% of partners at law firms. By contrast, the report found that minority men make up 4.21% of […]

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  • Uncategorized

    The Firms That Were Offered Bailout Love

    We mentioned yesterday that Simpson Thacher has been chosen to advise the government on the massive $700 billion bailout plan. They were chosen on Friday and are already racking up billable hours on it. Six other firms were approached by the Treasury, but only two expressed interest. Zach Lowe at the American Lawyer reports: Cleary […]

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  • Barack Obama, Job Survey, John McCain, Politics

    Associate Life Survey: The Law Vote

    We received just over 1,200 responses to last week’s ATL / Lateral Link survey on politics in the workplace, and two things immediately became apparent. First, there aren’t that many good political lolcats, so we’ve decided to make do with an lolronpaul (h/t punditkitchen). Second, now that the general election is in full swing, political […]

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  • Uncategorized

    GM/Chrysler Talks Could Be Schulte’s Day In The Sun

    A lot of people have been asking how Schulte Roth & Zabel are doing during the economic downturn. It’s a relevant question given Schulte’s large book of hedge fund business. But even as hedge funds are slowing down, Schulte could get a lot of work thrown their way if there is any fire to these […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 10.14.08

    * Even if pro-bono work is masturbatory, can it be any worse than fellating paid clients? [Legal Blog Watch] * A quick history lesson. [Cracked] * Chief Justice Roberts has some fun with his dissent. [The BLT: The Blog of the LegalTimes] * Nichols Kaster could help laid off Heller Ehrman employees get their accrued […]

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  • Barack Obama, Politics, Tax Law

    Should Partners Give An Obama Refund?

    We’ve discussed that under Barack Obama’s plan, taxes on Biglaw associates are likely to go up. But a cursory glance over on Open Secrets shows that many law firm partners are contributing towards the Obama campaign. One associate we’ve talked with has a pretty interesting idea on how to deal with Biglaw partners that support […]

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  • Grade Reform, Law Schools

    Columbia: Are You Ready For Some Grade Reform?

    Earlier, we told you that Harvard and Stanford were replacing letter-grades in favor of a “we’re all winners” system. We then reported that the NYU Law School student newspaper published essentially an open letter, begging Columbia not to follow suit. As you might imagine, Columbia is totally unconcerned with NYU law students and their opinions. […]

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  • Layoffs

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: Clifford Chance (Redux)
    Twenty Litigators Laid Off, in NY and DC

    On Friday we told you the story of 2 Cleary associates whose late night mistake caused problems for Cleary Gottlieb and their client, Barclays. Many were sympathetic to the associates and pointed out that blame should be shared with Cleary partners. Cleary has declined to respond to the story, but that doesn’t mean they are […]

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