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Comfort Food for the Economy

Cupcake Stop lawyer NYLS grad.jpgWhen students at New York Law School can’t find work, sometimes they resort to tearing the clothes off of 1Ls. So we applaud Lev Ekster, an NYLS alumnus, for his non-violent approach to the economic crisis:

Recent law school grad Lev Ekster is going from court to cupcakes. When the New York Law School student realized he wouldn’t land a law firm job this year, he turned to entrepreneurship. Inspiration struck after a disappointing trip to Magnolia Bakery, where he waited in an excruciatingly long line for what he deemed a “dry and tasteless” cupcake. “The experience reminded me of my parents’ stories of waiting in line for bread,” says the native Ukrainian.

Yes, this story reminded us of breadlines too.

The mobile cupcake service is called Cupcake Stop, and it should be rumbling by a street corner near you. If you’re interested — not just in cupcakes, but possible employment — take note:

[A]ccording to their recent Twitter post, they’re hiring:
Now hiring, part-time and full-time employees in NYC. Food prep license is preferred, not required. Fun job! email

Why shouldn’t every NYLS student get in on the entrepreneurial act? We have additional details, after the jump.

Over at the Cupcake Stop website, we learn about the company’s business plan:

Our business concept is short and simple –

Serve New Yorkers delicious cupcakes on THEIR terms.

We know how stressful and fast-paced this city can be, so we park our truck in easily accessible locations and always have fresh cupcakes waiting!

But not everybody who graduates from New York Law School without a job can just start their own mobile business. You need sound financial planning — and a little help from your parents:

After tasting recipes from countless bakers, he found the flavor he craved in former Bouley pastry chef Manal Mady’s creations. The truck will hit various Manhattan neighborhoods from 10 a.m. until 4 a.m. Mr. Ekster used his savings and a loan from his parents for the $25,000 startup costs. So will this be the beginning of the cupcake wars? “With the convenience and quality we’re going to have, I don’t see it being much of a war,” says the confident 25-year-old.

So to be clear: it’s not a war, it’s not a Ukrainian breadline, it’s certainly not a legal job. But as long as everybody keeps their clothes on in the back of the truck, it is certainly a positive development for the reputation of NYLS 3Ls.

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