Non-Sequiturs: 05.20.09

Chief Wahoo.jpg* Lost in yesterday’s Quinn controversy is the fact that the name “Washington Redskins” still pisses a lot of people off. But really, “Redskins” was never the best example of this issue. Not when Chief Wahoo is sitting right there. [Washington Post]
* The CEO of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, John Roos, is set to be named the next ambassador to Japan. That’s what I call a positive performance review. [Bloomberg]
* Ponytails are one of the most boring things to ever happen. Not as boring as the pant suit, but pretty damn boring. [Corporette]
* Now more than ever, being a law clerk seems like the only reasonable choice for intelligent people. [Law Clerk Addict]
* Because really, even if you have a law firm job, the people you work for are desperate for you to get a clerkship and spend some time on the government’s dime. [Faculty Lounge]
* The last time somebody mentioned Martindale-Hubbell to me, I thought they were talking about a new mission for the space telescope. [What About Clients?]
* You know what, I don’t want a jury of my peers. I want a jury of my betters. [Obscure Store]
* Why delay the results of the bar exam when you can just make it much, much harder to turn off the spigot of new lawyers? Oh wait, that would require lawyers to have a professional organization of some kind that looked out for the selfish interests of its current members. [Litination]

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