Marcus Epstein, Racism

Marcus Epstein’s Facebook Adventure

Marcus Epstein.jpgThe Marcus Epstein story just keeps getting better and better. We reported that the Tom Tancredo staffer lost his spot at UVA Law school after he slapped a woman in the head after using a racial epithet.
How do you top getting drunk and slapping black women? Talking Points Memo found Epstein’s facebook photo album from his trip to Ethiopia. Facebook has removed the page, but one of the screen caps is preserved over at Gawker.
The Gawker pic has him regarding Ethiopian art. His caption is:

It’s no Sistine Chapel, but you know what Samuel Johnson said about a Dog walking on it’s [sic] hind legs.

We at Above the Law have seen the full photo album, but Facebook is an angry God. We don’t want to get banned from its precincts.
We’ll share more photo captions after the jump.

My personal favorite is the picture of Epstein looking at some baboons. His caption reads:

Mixing with the locals.

There’s another lovely photo of a couple of camels with saddles on their backs. Epstein quips:

There’s a picture of me being a camel jockey somewhere, I need to get that up stat.

Get it! Camel jockeys are like regular jockeys, only they ride camels! ROFL. Hi-larious.
Epstein also has witty remarks about non-Ethiopians. In a picture of a monument, where Epstein’s dad is also shown, Epstein shares this thought:

Mussolini took this during his occupation of Ethiopia, and the girly men who run Italy just gave it back. Viva Lega Nord.

Even without seeing the pictures, you guys get the picture.
In fairness, his views are his own, and he’s entitled to have them. He’s entitled to have them and go to law school if he wishes.
But he is not entitled to karate-chop women in the head while screaming the N-word. As one commenter said:

I sensed very high levels of douchiness in Epstein just from looking at his picture. Knowing he likes to drop the n-word and slap women, his status as complete douchebag is confirmed, and on top of being a giant douche, he is a total f******* pussy (as is ANY guy who hits a women)

His Ethiopian photo album only becomes relevant in the context of these larger issues.
What is the next step for Marcus Epstein? UVA Law has turned him down, but Tom Tancredo seems happy to keep him around.
If Epstein would like to speak out, someone should send him my email. I know a great Ethiopian restaurant in D.C.
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