Morning Docket 06.02.09

mayer brown logo.JPG* Mayer Brown joins the firms sending its associates away on sabbatical. Except their sabbaticals are corporate, according to Chicago Law. Associates can take $60K to work at a client’s office for a year. That’s quite the deal for Mayer’s corporate clients. [Chicago Law/Chicago Tribune]
* The layoff scene in Maryland. [Baltimore Sun]
* GM’s bankruptcy and sale to the Treasury is on the fast track. [Bloomberg]
*… The law firms getting in line for pieces of the GM unwinding. [AmLaw]
* Dewey & LeBoeuf is on the defendant’s end of a $3 billion lawsuit. That “b” is not a typo. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch via American Lawyer]
* The Washington Post editorial page claims that conservatives are comparing SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor to Harriet Miers. [Washington Post]
* The hooker-booker for the Emperors Club was sentenced yesterday, the last of the defendants to go before the judge. And the excuse for one more article about Eliot Sptizer’s love of the ladies of the night. [New York Daily News]

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