Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 06.30.09

Mission Accomplished banner.jpg* Mission Accomplished? [CNN]
* Doesn’t “Velvet Revolution” sound like a musical band, instead of a collection of angry lawyers administering vigilante justice? [The Blog of the Legal Times]
* Mayoral control of New York City schools could end tonight if the New York State Senate doesn’t act. But hey, politicians acting like children can’t very well care about children. This is a good time to learn the word “mishigas.” [Huffington Post]
* Was Bernie Madoff six times more evil than the Jeff Skilling? [Bloomberg]
* Remote DVRs are okay. I suggest television advertisers seriously consider “product placement.” [Interactive TV Today]
* Rhode Island lawmakers want to change the name of the state. But they don’t want to drop the “Rhode,” or the “Island.” [New York Times]
* Queens is deadly. [Daily News]

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