Non-Sequiturs: 06.09.09

Lat Huh meeting.jpg* Don’t forget: Lolcats and Above the Law with David Lat and Ben Huh tonight at 7:00 p.m. [Asian American Writers’ Workshop]
* What happens when smart people don’t make smart decisions? The “human capital bubble” bursts. [Yahoo! Personal Finance]
* Free CLE, with an option for even more free CLE if you use Twitter. [Lawline]
* Is it good to have anonymous bloggers? Or should people be willing to sign their names to their opinions? [The Opinionator]
* If you look around New York State at the moment, you are almost forced to ask if Eliot Spitzer and his sexcapades were really that much of a problem. [Law and More]
* The Clerkship Notification Blog for 2010/2011 is back up and running. This is good news for all those that want to escape the ravages of Biglaw for a year. [Clerkship Notification Blog]
* Are you worried that the world is changing? Just think of how far we’ve already come. [Copyranter]

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