October 2014

Alabama advertising.JPG* Okay, I’ve accepted the fact that state officials in Alabama don’t have ready access to the Constitution. But thanks to advancements in technology, surely we can now print the thing on the back of a beer can so it magically appears when their beer achieves maximum freshness. Maybe we can print the Bill of Rights on a series of bumper stickers? We have to stop leaving Alabama behind. [Volokh Conspiracy]
* Has the headline “The End of Biglaw” jumped the shark? [Adam Smith, Esq.]
* The search warrant for the house owned by Michael Jackson’s Doctor. [Popsquire]
* Here’s a personal injury law roundup. It’s better than the lottery. [TortsProf Blog]
* Knowing is half the battle. [Courtoon]
* When rainmakers leave. [Bloomberg]

Going Concern GC tabloid for accountants CFOs finance executives.jpgThe newest member of the Breaking Media family, the accounting-focused Going Concern, seems to be venturing onto ATL turf today.
Multiple stories on the Going Concern front page are law-related. These are just excerpts or summaries; click on the links to read more (and comment).
1. UK Court Decides it Will Leave the Major Lawsuits to the Americans
“Big 4 firms dodge a bullet in the UK as the highest court dismissed a negligence lawsuit against an accounting firm that failed to detect a fraud that brought down a trading company.”
2. UBS and IRS Probably Have a Deal, No Toblerones Involved
“UBS is going to name names, albeit not all of them, bringing us to ever so close to the bitter end of the whole IRS/UBS standoff.”
3. Ex-BDO Partner Won’t Be on His Boat after Plea Deal
“[Former partners of accounting firm BDO Seidman] that were involved with the firm’s tax shelters are continuing to drop like flies. This time, Mark Bloom, a hedge fund manager and former BDO partner that worked in Tax Solutions group, pleaded guilty to several charges.”
4. California Overtime Lawsuits Update
Ah, California lawyers…. If only you were accountants, you might be entitled to some back pay for overtime. The issue will be decided by the worker-friendly Ninth Circuit at some point in the future.

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Michigan Admissions Dean Responds to the Haters

michigan law school strikes back.jpgEarlier this week, a Michigan Law alumnus complained to the ABA about the school’s Wolverine Scholars Program. Well, last night the Michigan Dean of Admissions emailed the students about the complaint and a popular legal blog that she “doesn’t read.” Here’s the email from Sarah Zearfoss, Director of Admissions at Michigan Law:

Hello all!
Hope your summer is going well–we miss you here in Ann Arbor, and are confused by the number of empty parking spaces. My own summer has been quite lovely, and my vacation hiking in various western desert national parks made me profoundly, profoundly grateful for that Michigan weather about which so many have Issues. “Dry heat,” my fanny. 120 degrees is brutal.
So, I don’t actually read the Above the Law website, but I can’t seem to stop people from forwarding links to me from time to time. Yesterday featured a blurb that has prompted me to write to all of you because of a fundamental misconception it contained.

Oh come on Dean Zearfoss, you want us on that wall, you need us on that wall. Besides, we know your boss, Michigan Law School Dean Evan Caminker, loves to read us. Don’t you want to do what all the hot kids are doing?
More from the Michigan Director of Admissions, after the jump.

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Pepin Tuma gay lawyer called faggot by police officer.jpgNow that Gatesgate is behind us, capped off by a beer summit at the White House yesterday, what can we get riled up about now?
Well, there’s always something going on with the police. From Arthur Delaney of the Huffington Post:

A lawyer who moments earlier had been complaining to friends about police overreaction in the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., got a taste of the Gates treatment himself after loudly chanting “I hate the police” near a traffic stop in Northwest Washington, D.C.

Pepin Tuma, 33, was walking with two friends along Washington’s hip U Street corridor around midnight Saturday, complaining about how Gates had been rousted from his home for not showing a proper amount of deference to a cop….

Then the group noticed five or six police cruisers surrounding two cars in an apparent traffic stop on the other side of the street. It seemed to Tuma that was more cops than necessary.

“That’s why I hate the police,” Tuma said. He told the Huffington Post that in a loud sing-song voice, he then chanted, “I hate the police, I hate the police.”

Uh-oh. Find out what happened next to Tuma — a former associate at Milbank Tweed and Gibson Dunn, by the way — after the jump.

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champagne glasses small.jpg
This couple definitely merits an honorable mention this week. They met a year ago in Vegas and turned a 24-hour hookup into a NYT wedding announcement featuring seersucker, a 6-year age difference, and a JD from Widener. It’s certainly one of the more colorful lawyer wedding announcements we’ve seen in a while (although we concede the bar is fairly low).
We even managed to find a picture for you, seersucker and all. They look like they know how to party, don’t they?
On to our finalists, who are more prestigious — but admittedly a bit less colorful:

1. Dolores DiBella and David Schmid
2. Susanna Cowen and Ross McSweeney
3. Kara Burke and Matthew King

Check out these couples’ photos and qualifications, after the jump.

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proskauer rose logo.JPGProskauer Rose has joined the growing list of firms to defer current summer associates to 2011. But unlike other firms on that list, the Proskauer deferral pushes the 2010 class to “fall” 2011. Other firms have at least told their summer associates that they could start in January 2011.
Proskauer has already deferred its incoming class of new associates to March 2010, and the firm only gave those new hires a $20,000 stipend for their trouble. And the firm has asked incoming associates to voluntarily defer until January 2011 with a $60,000 stipend. Maybe participation in the voluntary deferral program by the class of 2009 has been so great that the firm felt it had to involuntarily defer its current summers to the fall of 2011?
But at this point, it doesn’t appear that Proskauer is offering any kind of deferral stipend to the class of 2010, and that has some summers grumbling.
Some summer reactions after the jump.

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Moritz College of Law logo.JPGMaybe the cratering legal economy has made one Ohio State Moritz College of Law student turn to a life of crime:

Edgartown Police are searching for a man who smashed the back door of the Dairy Queen ice cream shop on Upper Main Street early Saturday and tried to help himself to a pre-dawn snack….
A security camera captured the young man busting into the store at 4:45 am. Edgartown police provided the following description based on the video.
At 4:47 am “a white male forced the door open and entered the store,” according to the police report. “He proceeded to the front area behind the service counter and attempted to use the ice cream machines. One of the machines sprayed out a mess of liquid ice cream that got all over the suspect’s pants and feet. He gave up on the ice cream and then stuck his hands in some candy condiment bins. After a few moments he then exited the store.”

The man has been identified has Zachary L. Gould. He appears to be the same Zachary L. Gould that attends Moritz.
And yes, there is video. Hilarious drunken video. Check after the jump for more details.

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wurtzel book cover.gifHere’s a quick afterword on the story of Elizabeth Wurtzel, the critically acclaimed, bestselling author who — for rather mysterious reasons (9/11 was somehow involved) — traded in a life of six-figure book advances, glamorous parties, and relationships with other celebrity writers… for a law degree.
In a prior post, we wondered whether Wurtzel, who has not yet passed the bar, can refer to herself as a “lawyer” (as she has done publicly on various occasions, most recently in an interview with Bitter Lawyer). In a comment to Gawker, Wurtzel advanced the theory that she can refer to herself as a “lawyer,” even if not an “attorney,” because “if you graduate from law school/receive a JD, you are a lawyer; if you are licensed, you are an attorney.”
For those of you who just took the bar, and who will receive your law licenses in a few months, this is a pertinent inquiry. Does the lawyer vs. attorney distinction hold water?

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Cadwalader Is Hiring — Kind Of

Cadwalader Wickersham Taft new logo CWT AboveTheLaw blog.jpgMany regular Above the Law readers will remember that Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft laid off nearly 100 attorneys, back before laying off attorneys became cool. More recently, the firm put 34 associates on an involuntary sabbatical.
Cadwalader is still willing to give jobs to the 34 people let go earlier this month. Contract jobs. Multiple sources inform us that CWT is trying to bring on a gang of contract attorneys. But instead of just picking up any old person with a spare J.D. lying around, the firm is giving the right of first refusal to its former associates.
Here’s how a Cadwalader spokesperson described the initiative:

As part of our sabbatical program, Cadwalader is committed to helping affected attorneys in every way possible, from helping them to identify new job opportunities to providing them with resume writing and interview tips. We have alerted them to more than 60 job opportunities, helped to arrange more than 20 interviews, and are aware of three job offers. As part of our efforts to engage them at the firm when possible, we recently received a client request for assistance on an expanded document review project with tight deadlines. Rather than consider other staffing solutions as we might have in the past, we first offered these lawyers the opportunity to work on the matter. We will continue to help these talented individuals in whatever ways we can.

Would you go back to work for your old firm as a contract attorney? Before you answer, you have to take a look at the pay CWT is offering.
More details after the jump.

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runaway groom trial lawyer Above the Law blog.jpgRemember James Ferraro, aka the Runaway Groom? He’s the multimillionaire trial lawyer who, back in January 2008, left his wife — Patricia Delinois, a well-known real estate broker — standing at the altar.
Their story ended happily: Ferraro and Delinois reconciled and eventually did get married, a few weeks later. And Mrs. Ferraro is probably very glad they did.
At least if she likes nice real estate. From the New York Observer:

James L. Ferraro, the prominent Miami trial lawyer who owns the Cleveland Gladiators arena football team, is finally buying a nice Manhattan apartment. This week he’s spending $8,175,000 on a penthouse at the glassy Park Imperial on West 56th Street.

Even though Mr. Ferraro owns places in Miami and a 14-bedroom Martha’s Vineyard mansion, it had been years since he felt he could get a good bargain in New York. “I thought about it after 9/11, but I didn’t want to buy on a calamity–be a vulture on someone’s property; not that it’s bad karma, it is what it is. But this now is the best buying opportunity you’re going to have in the next 25 years.”

So, how much did he pay per square foot?

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