Morning Docket

Morning Docket 08.31.09

Jerry O'Connell Jeremiah O'Connell law school law student.jpg* Stanford Financial Group investors have filed a class action against Proskauer Rose and partner Thomas V. Sjoblom, alleging that they helped mastermind a massive investment fraud scheme. [National Law Journal]
* Judge George Wu overturned the Lori Drew conviction in the MySpace cyberbullying case. [Volokh Conspiracy via ABA Journal]
* Two persistent and well-pedigreed ACLU lawyers + FOIA + six years = a $2 million investigation into detainee abuse. [New York Times]
* A prominent 81-year-old Mexican drug suspects’ defense attorney, Americo Delgado, was stabbed to death outside his home this weekend. [Los Angeles Times]
* A former in-house attorney for Toyota says the company withheld evidence about rollover deaths and injuries in a “ruthless conspiracy” to hide its vehicles structural shortcomings. [CBS News]
* Jerry O’Connell explains why he is heading to law school. [Celebrity Baby Blog]

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