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ATL Caption Contest: American Pie

biden smiles like he's up to something.JPGTime for an Eyes of the Law celebrity sighting. On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden visited Syracuse University. From the Syracuse Post-Standard:

Vice President Joe Biden talked with Syracuse students, teachers and parents Wednesday about his mission to strengthen the middle class.

Then, he rode in a limousine to a ballroom where people had paid $250 to have lunch and $1,000 to pose for a picture with him. After that, he rode the limousine a few more blocks to mingle with more people who had paid thousands of dollars to spend private time with him.

But staff members at Syracuse Law, the VP’s alma mater, got to meet with him for free. All it took was some homemade blueberry pie.
A picture of Vice President Biden getting his pie on, plus a caption contest, after the jump.

Here’s the photo of VP Biden visiting SU College of Law, where he was served some delicious blueberry pie. The pic is a thumbnail, so click to enlarge.
Joe Biden Joseph Biden blueberry pie.jpg

Time for an ATL caption contest. Post your caption entries in the comments. We’ll take our favorites, incorporate them into a poll, and allow you to vote for your favorite. Thanks!
P.S. Unlike most of our prior caption contests, we’ve told you the backstory here (since ATL readers, who are up on their current events, would easily recognize the veep). But don’t feel bound by the real story behind the photo when submitting your contest entries.
Vice President Joseph Biden visits Syracuse [Syracuse Post-Standard]

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