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Boston College Law Professor In Anti-Gay Marriage Ad

The gay marriage debate continues to rage in New England, and now a Boston College law professor wants to weigh in. The state of Maine has a ballot proposition about gay marriage this fall, and BC Law Professor Scott T. Fitzgibbon decided to shoot an anti-gay marriage ad.

Just to be clear, this is not a Dr. Li-ann Thio situation. Thio was invited to teach at NYU Law this fall and later declined the invitation under a hail of student protests. But Thio seemed to go out of her way to disparage gays and lesbians and the very practice of homosexual sex.

Fitzgibbon at least tries to stick to the legal issues surrounding the systematic denial of civil rights to gays and lesbians. After the jump, check out the ad for yourself.

Here’s the anti-gay marriage ad staring BC Law professor Scott Fitzgibbon:

Gay marriage advocates argue that this ad contains the usual scare tactics that have accompanied this debate. I mean, the ad is called “consequences.” One Maine blogger put it this way:

It’s not even a good commercial — obviously not filmed in Maine, the points they are trying to make are muddled, and right down to the music, it consists of nothing but pure scare tactics and “EEKS PROTEKT TEH CHILDRUN!” mentality.

I find it hilarious that anti-gay marriage groups constantly complain of “out-of-state” activists coming in and causing a ruckus. Yet here, anti-gay groups have brought in a Harvard-educated, Boston College professor to talk to Mainers.

You’ll notice that in the ad, Professor Fitzgibbon is prominently listed as a Boston College Law Professor. But there is a footnote: “Title for identification only. No university endorsement implied.” Eagleonline notes that so far the school has not put the ad on the BC “Faculty in the Media” section of its website.

We reached out to BC Law Dean John Garvey. He hasn’t gotten back to us yet.

According to his bio, Professor Fitzgibbon teaches jurisprudence, corporations, securities regulation, and contracts. Are gay and lesbian BC Law students comfortable learning about these subjects from an anti-gay-marriage professor?

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