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Law Student of the Day: Playmate of the Month?
(Plus: An aspiring law student in Playboy’s pages.)

Stephanie Haney 3 Stephanie Shimek Stephanie Christine Playboy magazine.JPGSome of you, especially the straight males, may recall Stephanie Shimek (née Stephanie Haney). She’s the University of North Carolina law student who tried out for Playboy, to wit, the “Girls of the ACC” issue. We wrote about her in a post entitled “Career Alternatives for Law Students: Playboy Bunny.”
Multiple ATL readers — who read Playboy just for the articles, we’re sure — have alerted us to the good news: Stephanie made it into the magazine! WCHL reports:

A UNC student has had her dreams of being featured in Playboy magazine come true in the 2009 October ‘Girls of ACC” issue.

Twenty-four year old Stephanie Christine says ever since she first picked up a copy of the magazine at her aunt’s house, she wanted to be like one of the Bunnies.

That’s one open-minded aunt! (Based on an interview with Stephanie on the WCHL website, however, it seems that the issues belonged to her uncle — no lesbianic aunt here.)
Stephanie is a 3L, and as we’ve discussed, 3L recruiting is a nightmare this year. But don’t worry about Steph; she has backup options. According to WCHL, she aspires to work in entertainment law — but if that doesn’t work out, “[f]uture involvement with Playboy has been extended to her.” In addition, “her parents and family have been really supportive.”
As diligent journalists, we went out to a local newsstand and picked up a copy of Playboy’s “Sex on Campus 2009″ issue. After showing photo ID — we got carded (yesss!!!) — and plunking down $5.99, we took the plastic-wrapped periodical back to the office, where Elie gave us a brief tutorial in female anatomy. (We’ve never seen a woman’s private parts in real life, except this one time we went to a nude beach in France.)
After the jump, we present you with pictures of Stephanie, plus one other young woman who aspires to a legal career. We have carefully redacted the photos — drawing on skills honed during document review years ago, before online doc review became commonplace — so they are safe for work. Enjoy.

Here’s what Playboy has to say about Stephanie:

Having earned a criminology degree, Stephanie Christine is now in law school. She enjoys tennis, travel, and penguins. Clearly she’s well-rounded.

Color us impressed. How many Playboy models attend a top 30 law school? Or, to put it another way, how many women at a top 30 law school could make it into the pages of Playboy?
(Whoops — maybe we should take back that last statement. As reported by The Hook, there is a long tradition of Playboy models going into the law. To quote the reader who drew The Hook post to our attention: “Guys in my high school dated Playboy models who became lawyers all the time, it was no big deal.”)
In addition to being gorgeous and academically accomplished — she transferred into UNC from Ohio State, when her then-husband was relocated by the Marines, so presumably she had excellent 1L grades — Stephanie is a nice and modest young woman who gets along well with her classmates. A fellow UNC law student reports:

I’ve never actually met her, but according to some friends that know her, she doesn’t try to stand out at school — that is, she doesn’t try to flaunt her looks or try draw attention to herself at school. I think that is the reason that [some at] the school thought she was an impostor; one would imagine that [she’d be noticed] walking through the halls.

For what it’s worth, I hear she’s friendly.

We have no doubt. Interestingly enough, reaction down at UNC has been muted, our tipster tells us:

The school/class has been pretty quiet on the subject since [the issue] came out — no one really seems to care. The buzz in the spring was a lot more noticeable. She does look a lot better in the magazine than the video capture from the spring, though.

As it turns out, Stephanie Christine is not the only Girl of the ACC who aspires to a legal career. Meet Shayne Devereux, an undergraduate at Georgia Tech:

Shayne Devereux doesn’t look crunchy but hopes to become an environmental lawyer; she believes in going green and a guy who does the same. “If you take care of yourself, then I know you can take care of me,” she says.

So look for “Shayne” in a future 1L class near you. Some male professors will surely enjoy getting Socratic on her ass.
Pictures of Stephanie and Shayne appear in the slideshow below — click on each thumbnail to enlarge (hehe). Stephanie is the blonde in the two photos on the left; Shayne is the brunette on the right. As noted above, we’ve made various redactions to the pics, partly to keep them safe for work, and partly to encourage you to buy the issue itself. Please support print journalism in its hour of need!
(If still photos aren’t enough for you, check out video footage of Stephanie and her ample bosom at this [Not Safe For Work] link [NSFW].)
P.S. With respect to the title of this post, we are aware that Stephanie Christine cannot be the “Playmate of the Month.” Although we are not regular readers of Playboy, we understand that the “Playmate of the Month” honor belongs to the centerfold model.
In our headline, we were just trying to make a cute little play on words, a parallelism between “____ of the day” and “____ of the month.” So please grant us some literary license. Thanks.
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