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Legal Secretary of the Day: For the Ladies

Saul Ewing male dancers erotic secretary.JPGBy day, Jarriette Richie was a legal secretary. By night, she was one of the small business entrepreneurs who are so important to the vitality of the American economy. Not only that, Richie’s business provided services to a critically underserved community. Richie was the proprietor of Show ‘N Tell Entertainment — which arranged erotic male dancers for ladies exclusively.
But you know how difficult it is to get credit in this economy. And Richie needed to fly dancers and guests down to Puerto Rico for an “event.” So, she had to improvise.
The Washington Post picks up the narrative, after the jump.

The Washington Post reports that Richie initially tried to fund her business with counterfeit checks deposited at a credit union. But when her account was frozen, she went to plan B — her law firm’s credit card:

Richie then used a corporate American Express Card to buy $21,375.30 in additional airline tickets, [according to federal investigator Diane Eickman].
She also put $25,473 in resort charges on that card, Eickman wrote.
That corporate card had been issued to an attorney at a firm that later merged with Saul Ewing. Information about that corporate credit card was kept in a locked room near Richie’s desk, Eickman wrote.

I’m not sure if this is what American Express OPEN had in mind.
I scoured the internet looking for some of the Show ‘N Tell talent unwittingly sponsored by Saul Ewing. But I came up empty. And Kash’s hard drive is password-protected.
But it would have been great to catch a glimpse of the Saul Ewing attorney’s face while he or she was reading their credit card bill. Great squared if we could have seen the attorney’s spouse/partner/significant other.
Alas, a tipster notes that we might never know the identity of the card-holding Saul Ewing attorney:

This probably won’t be advertised on Saul Ewing’s website.

Secretary Charged With Fraud in Exotic Dancer Scheme [Washington Post]

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