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Reminder: DOJ Honors Program Applications Are Almost Due

Department of Justice seal DOJ seal Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgThis morning, we reminded you about judicial clerkships as one career option to explore. Now we’d like to remind you of another: the Attorney General’s Honors Program, at the U.S. Department of Justice. The application deadline is this coming Tuesday, September 8.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the DOJ Honors Program, here’s a description:

The highly competitive Honors Program is the only way that the Department hires entry-level attorneys. Selection for employment is based on many elements of a candidate’s background including academic achievement, law review or moot court experience, legal aid and clinical experience, and summer or part-time legal employment. The Department also considers specialized academic studies (including undergraduate and post-graduate degrees), work experience, and extracurricular activities that directly relate to the work of the Department.

But hopefully not a candidate’s personal political beliefs.

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If you’re interested in the Justice Department’s Honors Program, though, you better act fast. A tipster writes:

Deadline is September 8, 2009 (for most people). Accordingly, this is the last weekend anyone will have to get their application materials together, draft essay responses, research the program, figure out the components to which they may wish to apply, etc. The program accepts applications from all rising 3Ls and clerks (who clerked right after law school).

Obviously, with so many who are: soon to be unemployed, underemployed, deferred (and looking for a permanent alternative option), appropriately disillusioned by the prospect of private practice and billable hour slavery, concerned about state government hiring and workload ITE [in this economy], etc…, a federal job as a DOJ lawyer may be as good as it gets, ITE or otherwise.

And remember: liberal applicants are probably especially welcome this year, given (1) the new administration and (2) the past scandal involving the politicization, in a conservative direction, of the Honors Program hiring process.

To read more about the program, including application requirements and participating divisions, click on the link below. Feel free to pose questions (if you’re applying) or to offer advice (if you’ve been through the process), in the comments.

The Attorney General’s Honors Program [U.S. Department of Justice]

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