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Sexy LexisNexis Reward

Lexis logo.JPGLexisNexis has a rewards program that allows loyal users to accumulate points for certain research activities and then to use them to “shop from millions of items.”
One of the items makes us want to give LexisNexis an “ex” rating. An ATL reader and loyal Lexis-Nexis user pointed the item out to us, writing:

Search for it in the rewards store. It’s available for 1261 points. Pretty shocking if you ask me. The calendar that is, not the price.

We’re red-flagging this. Check it out, after the jump.

Here’s the calendar that savvy Lexis users can use their points for:
Asian Angels Lexis Nexis rewards.jpg
The item description says it’s “tasteful and glamorous but pushes the edge of sexy glamour photography.” We’re going to need a citation for the definition of “tasteful.”
Asian Angels Sexy Lexis Nexis.jpg
We had said last month that we hoped for an exciting story from LexisNexis to balance out our Westlaw coverage. Thanks for this, Sexy Lexis! You’re an angel.
UPDATE: Lexis has grounded the Asian Angels. See here.

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