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Another Law Student in Playboy’s Pages

Kennedy James Florida Coastal School of Law student Playboy model.jpgLast year, discussing the surprising success of clothing consultants in the recession, we wrote: “When the going gets tough, the tough get new wardrobes.”
Maybe we should amend that statement: “When the going gets tough, the tough ditch their wardrobes.” Faced with the dismal legal job market, yet another law student has decided to earn extra cash by taking it off for the camera.
In September we reported on Stephanie Christine, a UNC law student who posed nude for Playboy’s “Girls of the ACC” issue. Now, thanks to a horny diligent reader, we’ve learned that Kennedy James (right), a law student at Florida Coastal School of Law, has joined’s “Cyber Club.”
Kennedy was recently honored as “Coed of the Week” by the Playboy Blog. How many law students can claim that accolade? Order of the Coif, suck it.
Kennedy is jokingly described as majoring in “Advanced Sophistry” at Florida Coastal. To preempt the commenters: yes, Florida Coastal is fully accredited by the American Bar Association.
Check out a redacted (and therefore safe-for-work) picture of Kennedy James, plus links to the not-safe-for-work stuff, after the jump.

Kennedy James gives a little interview with Playboy that references her law student status:

Playboy: What’s sexy about law school?
Kennedy James: Nothing’s hotter than a woman who knows her way around some briefs.
Playboy: Do grad students party as hard as undergrads?
Kennedy James: While in New Orleans with fellow law students, I lost my voice and a shoe — good signs of the times!

New Orleans? Law students? A missing shoe? Was Ms. James involved in the Mr. Rogers shoe theft at the Tulane Law Barrister Ball?
Anyway, here’s the promised pic:
Kennedy James Florida Coastal School of Law Playboy model.jpg
You can see more photos of Kennedy James over at the Playboy Blog, or by joining the Cyber Club. See links below (warning: NOT SAFE FOR WORK).
Kennedy James : Coed of the Week October 8 [Playboy Blog – NSFW]
Cyber Club [Playboy – NSFW (subscription)]
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