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Lawyer of the Day Week: Roland Corning

roland corning stripper cemetary.jpgIf you’re going to have a little afternoon delight with a stripper, why not head to the local cemetery? We applaud South Carolina deputy assistant attorney general and former legislator Roland Corning for really getting into the Halloween spirit this week by getting his jollies at the graveyard.
Unfortunately, his Monday lunch treat got tricky when a police officer happened by. From CBS News:

Deputy assistant attorney general Roland Corning said he was on his lunch break when a police officer found him with a stripper, a Viagra pill, and sex toys in his sports utility vehicle, according to Corning’s boss.

Let’s learn a bit more about the stripper, shall we?

Corning’s lady friend was an 18-year-old employee of the Platinum Plus Gentleman’s Club. Corning, 66, and his gal pal gave conflicting stories about why they were in the cemetery.
One thing is clear: There was at least one stiff above ground. According to the Associated Press, Corning said he always keeps Viagra and sex toys in his car, “just in case.”
In a case of bad luck for Corning, the police officer’s wife also works at the Attorney General’s office. When she got wind of the incident, she told the big boss, Attorney General Henry McMaster. It’s not a happy Halloween for Corning; McMaster gave him the ax.
Police: SC state attorney caught with stripper [Associated Press]
Roland Corning, SC State Attorney, Caught with Stripper, Viagra and Sex Toys at Cemetery, Say Cops [CBS News]

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