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Wild News From Wildman Harrold

Wildman Harrold logo.jpgWildman Harrold has decided to give a majority of its incoming associates the Fox. Am Law Daily reports that the firm has rescinded offers to 10 of its 14 associates. Unlike Arent Fox, Wildman will not be giving its would-be incoming associates any stipend.

On the Wildman Harrold career page, they really like numbers. They evidently haven’t had a chance to update their summer associate page; they’re probably busy with fall recruiting. So I figured I’d give them a hand.

Wildman, by the numbers:

* 10 – Number of offers rescinded to class of 2009 associates (out of 14).
* 4 – Number of offers extended to 2009 summer associates (out of 17).
* 10 – Number of lawyers laid off in January 2009.
* 10 – Number of lawyers laid off in April 2009.


Wildman is a Chicago based firm. Yesterday, we told you that the Illinois bar results were out. You don’t think that Wildman rescinded offers right after the bar results came out do you? More details after the jump.

Yesterday, I said:

Granted, becoming a new lawyer in this market is kind of like going to the morgue to score a date. But passing the bar on your first try is probably more important now than it has been in the past. We don’t know how many firms are planning on giving their incoming associates the Bird or the Fox; young lawyers don’t want to give firms any excuse to leave them out in the cold.

Obviously, I shouldn’t have been so optimistic. Wildman was so eager to revoke offers that the firm needed to step on incoming associates’ hopes and dreams immediately. A tipster reports:

As IL bar exam results came in today, a large majority of the deferred incoming class at Chicago firm and ATL favorite Wildman Harrold was called and informed that their services were no longer required. I got the call not more than 20 minutes after I got my results. I passed, so it could have been worse. Can you imagine, though, JUST hearing that you had failed the bar exam and getting that call. This, to me, is possibly the most tactless thing I have heard of a firm doing in this already-exceptional 10 month period.

This sounds like a joke, but I assure you it isn’t, … I am mortified that they wouldn’t wait a week, or at least a couple of hours.

How do you think that conversation went?

WILDMAN: Hello, can I speak to our next associate?
BAR PASSER: Hi there. Funny that you called. I have some great news. I just passed the bar!
BAR PASSER: I mean, of course I knew I would, but still, it’s pretty cool.
WILDMAN: Yeah, you know the office we had set up for you? We’re going to have to move some boxes in there. We need the storage space.
BAR PASSER: Umm, that’s cool. No problem. I’m just so excited to start working.
WILDMAN: About that.
BAR PASSER: Are you going to extend my deferral period?
BAR PASSER: Awesome. I’ve been reading Above the Law, and I know that some firms are doing that to people.
WILDMAN: Oh, that makes this a lot easier. You’ve been Foxed. Sorry about that. Goodbye.
BAR PASSER: Hello. … Hello? …

Seriously, why would a firm revoke offers to people on the day they passed the bar? I know it’s a tough economy, but there simply has to be a better way to deal with difficult business decisions.

Wildman Rescinds Offers to 10 New Associates [Am Law Daily]

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