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Adventures in Lawyer Advertising: 100% Lean

A Biglaw traveler checked in with us from Minnesota airport:

I almost spat out my Caribou Coffee when I saw this ad next to my gate. Apologies for the pic quality–a little blurry from combination of crappy phone pic and shaky hands from said latte.

Here’s said ad:
lawyers nutritional value.jpg
Which firm is breaking down its lawyers’ nutritional value?

Here’s the full photo:
lean law firm advertising.jpg
If you check out, it takes you to the site of Minnesota firm Halleland Lewis Nilan & Johnson. It has six practice areas: labor and employment, business law, intellectual property litigation, product liability and mass tort litigation, commercial litigation, and health care.
The Minneapolis-based firm claims to be a new breed, explaining on its website:

We’ve coined the term “expertique,” to describe our blend of legal expertise and applied business practicality. It means we’ve combined the specialized legal knowledge of our attorneys in small, boutique-like multidisciplinary teams where each member draws from a complete understanding of our clients’ industries to maximize your business results.

Given their coining the term “expertique,” we’re going to have to up their “Obnoxious Lawyer Schtick” content from 0% to 15%.
Halleland Website

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