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Corri Fetman (a.k.a. Lawyer of Love) Sued By Playboy

Corri Fetman love lawyer.JPGWe’ve mentioned Corri Fetman before, mainly because she’s a lawyer who has posed for Playboy. But today she’s making news that doesn’t have anything to do with her boobs. The Chicago Tribune reports:

The Chicago divorce lawyer who stirred up controversy with a racy billboard for her law firm and later bared it all for Playboy is now being sued by the magazine.
Playboy alleges in a suit filed Monday that Corri Fetman is trying to steal the phrase “Lawyer of Love” that it coined for an advice column Fetman briefly wrote for the magazine’s Web site.

Alright, today’s Corri Fetman’s news is tangentially related to her boobs.
Fetman isn’t one to receive service from Playboy lying down. In fact she fired the first shot at Playboy.
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The Playboy suit against Fetman comes months after Fetman filed her own lawsuit against Playboy:

Playboy’s suit follows a sexual harassment claim that Fetman filed in March against an executive of the publishing empire. Fetman alleged that Thomas Hagopian, an executive in the digital branch of Playboy Enterprises, bombarded her with sexually explicit e-mails and phone calls, groped her and took away her column in July 2008 when she repeatedly rebuffed his advances. Hagopian left the company last year, according to Playboy.

Fetman doesn’t need Playboy’s publication space anymore. She has her own blog, but she hasn’t mentioned Playboy’s allegations. Her most recent post offered this brilliant analysis of the David Letterman situation:

Why does a dog lick his balls? The same reason that men cheat…because they can. Behind every powerful cheating man, there seems to be some low self-esteemed woman willing to settle for sloppy seconds …

When I was growing up, divorce lawyers looked like Corbin Bernsen. Things are better now.
Playboy sues Chicago divorce lawyer, Corri Fetman, known for racy billboard [Chicago Tribune]
Playboy Sues Lawyer Who Posed for Mag, Claims She Can’t Be ‘Lawyer of Love’ [ABA Journal]
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