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Law Student of the Day: Bad Idea Costume

swat officer.jpgTrick-or-treaters can get into serious trouble on Halloween. Especially if their Halloween activities involve arson. Or blackface. Or guns.
A student at BYU Law School donned a costume last week that was police-raid worthy. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

When Attorney General Mark Shurtleff spoke at a BYU Law School criminal procedures class Thursday, one law student came to class dressed in full SWAT gear, including an armor belt, and some students said he had carried a gun on campus, although they weren’t sure it was real.

Yeah, that’s probably taking All Saints’ Day Eve a little too far.

Then again, I’m not sure the BYU reaction was merited in response to the student’s poor taste:

When queried, the student said it was a Halloween costume, but several BYU police officers suddenly raided the classroom and hauled Rambo outside.

He re-entered the class a short time later, minus his SWAT gear.

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