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Lawsuit of the Day: Jones v. Minkin
(Or: Above the Law gets sued!!!)

David Minkin publisher AbovetheLaw Dealbreaker Breaking Media.jpgFor the first time in over three years of operation, Above the Law has been sued. We feel the lawsuit has no merit, but we will not comment further on this ongoing litigation. To access the pro se complaint, coverage by other news outlets and blogs, and ATL’s prior posts about Professor Donald Jones, click on the links collected after the jump.

Please note that we have closed comments on this post, out of respect for the judicial process. Thank you.

UPDATE: We will be continually updating this post with links to news and blogosphere coverage. We have already added new links from the ABA Journal, the WSJ Law Blog, and the Volokh Conspiracy, among other sources.

The fresh links will appear AFTER THE JUMP, so check them out there. Thanks.

Here are links to the complaint and other outlets’ coverage:

Jones v. Minkin [Southern District of Florida (PDF)]
Prior ATL coverage of D. Marvin Jones (scroll down to view all posts)
Law Professor Sues Above the Law Blog, Alleging ‘Viciously Racist Series of Rants’
[National Law Journal]
Law Professor sues Above the Law blog; time to go back to complaint drafting school
[Copyrights and Campaigns]
UM Law Professor Files False Light Suit Against [Florida Legal Blog]
Blog Sued: not above the law [Law and More]
Law Professor Sues “Above the Law” [Point of Law]

UPDATE (1:30 PM): Here are additional links that were not included when this post was originally published:

Law Prof Sues Above the Law, Claims ‘Racist Series of Rants’ About His Arrest [ABA Journal]
Law Professor Sues Above The Law For $22 Million [Law Review]
Law Professor Sues Above the Law Blog for “Nutty Professor” Post [Blogonaut]

UPDATE (2:30 PM):

When You Have A Fool for a Client [Menage a Law]
Above The Law Is Above This Lawsuit [Law Review]

UPDATE (3:30 PM):

Open Thread: the Above the Law Lawsuit [WSJ Law Blog]
Prof. Donald Jones’ Lawsuit Against Above The Law [Volokh Conspiracy – Eugene Volokh]
Law Professor Sues Above The Law [Volokh Conspiracy – Orin Kerr]
Above the Law Sued By Law Prof (And How It Should All End) [New York Personal Injury Law Blog]

UPDATE (4:00 PM):

Law Professor Seeks Clearly Unconstitutional Injunction [Volokh Conspiracy – Eugene Volokh]

UPDATE (8:30 PM):

Jones v. Minkin []

UPDATE (11/3/09): The lawsuit has been voluntarily dismissed.