Non-Sequiturs: 11.11.09

Happy Veterans Day.jpg* Happy Veteran’s Day. Thanks to all who serve. [Army JAG; Navy JAG]
* If you think law school looks like a terrible financial investment, you are correct. [Tax Prof Blog]
* Punching women isn’t the best way to make a point about racial injustice. [The Legal Satyricon]
* A pro-wrestler fell down, but not by design. Predictably, he decided to sue. [Chicago Now]
* What’s wrong with cutting off the hands of those who steal (online content) again? [Simple Justice]
* What’s the difference between journalism and blogging? Some thoughts from Lat. [Yale Daily News]
* Josh Blackman created a Supreme Court fantasy league. You get points for predicting the outcome of the case and which justices will be in the majority and minority. [FantasySCOTUS]

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