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ATL Caption Contest Finalists: Study Stall

For our latest caption contest, we gave you this photo:
Law Studying in the toilet bathroom stall.jpg
And you responded by taking a massive dump on us. Almost 500 entries were submitted.
We waded through all your s**t, like Hercules cleaning the Augean stables, and came up with ten finalists. View them and vote, after the jump.

With an inherently funny photo and almost 500 nominees, picking ten finalists was exceedingly difficult. We read all of the comments (yes, even you, #444). After much deliberation, including consultation with Elie and Kash, we came up with the following:

A. Proof that gunners are full of shit.
B. “Typical Socially Mal-Adapted Law Student Awkwardly Takes Stall Next To Occupied Stall, When More Remote Stall Is Available”
C. That’s still gonna cost 147 bucks in the bookstore in two weeks.
D. Unclean hands.
E. Johnny was critical of his law school for not teaching practical lawyering skills until taking the special seminar on maximizing billable hours.
F. This TTT 1L would be better off taking a shit on the floor and flushing the book.
G. I’m going to shit all over this exam! Is that PC? Is it better than saying i’m going to rape this exam? Thanks, Northwestern.
H. If I stay here a little longer can I adversely possess this john?
I. Pictured in stalls from left to right: 3L, 1L, 2L
J. Porn download to school laptop: $0,
Con Law book I’ll pretend to read for the next ten minutes: $150,
Actually enjoying law school for the first time: Priceless

Honorable mention: It didn’t make our top ten, but our favorite of the (many) Larry Craig-related captions was, “Trust me on this — I’ve checked my Crim Pro book twice, Senator Craig, and you really can be arrested for doing that in a public restroom.”
We’ll leave voting open until Sunday, December 20, at 11:59 PM. Here’s the poll:

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