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ATL Caption Contest Winner: Study Stall

For our latest caption contest, we gave you this photo:
Law Studying in the toilet bathroom stall.jpg
You voted on the ten finalists. The winner, plus the backstory on the picture, after the jump.

The picture was sent to us by a law student at Fordham, here in New York:

I attend a law school here in the city, and this is what I walked into after my Property Class. Funny, I don’t find classes this hard — but obviously I am doing something wrong. He probably gains an extra 4.5 hours of studying a week this way!

P.S. I am willing to bet that book makes it to the same table as his lunch. I’m just saying.

We gave you ten nominees. The winner, in a landslide:

Pictured in stalls from left to right: 3L, 1L, 2L.

Congratulations to the winner. If that’s you, feel free to email us (subject line: “Caption Contest Winner”), and tell us the IP address you used to post the comment. If it matches up with what’s in our records, we’ll send you an ATL prize pack (a t-shirt and a gavel-shaped stress ball).
To all of our law student readers still slogging through exam-time hell: Happy studying!
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ATL Caption Contest: Study Stall

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