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Contract Attorney Opportunity: Big Sky Travel Required

Soul for Sale law student.JPGTo be clear, we at Above the Law don’t go out and proactively search for the most terrible jobs being offered to law graduates in this economy. But because of the recession, there just seems to be an endless supply of really horrible things you can do with a J.D.
The latest entry into the “you call this a job” contest comes from Craigslist, San Francisco.

National staffing agency is seeking contract attorneys for an upcoming document review project in Kalispell, MT (near Missoula, MT on the west side of the state). Licensure in any jurisdiction is OK. Please forward resume as a word attachment. At this time, travel and lodging expenses will not be covered. Details to follow.

Some thoughts on this opportunity, after the jump.

We know it’s pretty hard to get contract gigs on the coasts these days. We’ve suggested that people look at secondary markets for work.
But is Kalispell, Montana even a tertiary market? How does one even get to Kalispell, Montana? Can you rent a pony at Hertz? And if you can get from San Francisco to Kalispell, are the costs you incur for travel and lodging going to be greater than what you make on the gig?
A tipster puts it this way:

You have to pay your own way to a small town in a snowy state to do doc review for an undisclosed “competitive” rate. Terrible. However, for all those NYC attys that say, “there is nothing, anywhere” this might just be their ticket. You don’t have to be licensed in MT!

The sad thing is that given the state of the legal economy, there are undoubtedly J.D.s out there ready to cowboy up and head out to Big Sky country.
One of my favorite writers, Jared Diamond, spends a lot of time out there. If you see him, tell him I say hi.
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