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Morning Docket 12.22.09

the 2000s decade.jpg* The decade’s 25 biggest legal stories. [National Law Journal]
* A former Fried Frank litigation associate, Julie Kamps, who previously filed a employment discrimination claim, is now filing a lawsuit against the firm, alleging sexual harassment by a female partner and discrimination because she is gay. She’s suing for $50 million and partnership. If granted the latter, that could be awkward. [AmLaw Daily]
* Hedge fund Fortress Investment Group sues Dechert. And it’s Marc Dreier’s fault. [Wall Street Journal via ABA Journal]
* A benchslap for California AG Jerry Brown’s office from the Ninth Circuit. [San Francisco Chronicle]
* An interview with Mark Herrmann, formerly of Drug and Device Law, about lawyerly blogging. [Chicago Tribune]
* Being forced to remain male is cruel and unusual punishment? [Associated Press]

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34 Responses to “Morning Docket 12.22.09”

  1. guest says:

    Hey, you guys know that the decade is not ending until next year, right?

  2. guest says:

    Decade from hell? Really Time? Really?

  3. guest says:


  4. guest says:

    I guess the lesbo bitch wouldn’t let the other lesbo bitch fist her on their first date.

  5. guest says:

    That Kosilek case is old news. It was tried once already in summer of 2006, but the parties settled before the verdict. Oh, and Kosilek is one fugly woman.

  6. guest says:

    5 – That would make a great T-shirt: “Fists on the first date.”

  7. guest says:

    Ditto motherfucking 2. It’s one thing to be a part of a generation untouched by massive wars, epidemic illness or famine. It’s quite another to forget that you are quite unique in this respect.

  8. guest says:

    9 – I would hit that. I don’t mean sexually in any way – I mean, literally, with my fist.

  9. guest says:

    Can we stop pretending that “gender reassignment” surgery actually changes the sex you are. Cutting off your cock and mangling what’s left into something that vaguely resembles a vagina does not a lady make.
    And the craziest shit these people pulled is becoming the T in LBGT. There is a world of difference between being a dude who likes to fuck other dudes and being a dude who thinks he is a chick.

  10. guest says:

    9- she look like Iggy Pop.

  11. guest says:

    2, 8 –
    I’d say the “decade from hell” line is quite appropriate. We had two massive mismanaged wars the costs of which (in the form of long term injuries) are only beginning to come to light. We had the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. We had the worst financial collapse since the depression. The political debate in this country has degraded into nothing more than shouting matches and demonization – as bad as it’s been since McCarthy and the cold war.
    The good here fails to outweigh the bad on a massive scale . . . especially because it was either less meaningful than first suspected (e.g. electing the first black president does not end racism), more fleeting than expected (e.g. housing bubble), or in response to something bad (patriotism in response to terrorist attacks).
    So, yeah. Decade from hell seems about right.

  12. guest says:

    I agree. I mean if I went around saying that I was a table, and that I truely believed I had four legs and my job was to have plates put on me (I guess thats what a table does) people would think I was insane and needed psychiatric treatment. But say that I am a woman traped in a man’s body and that is perfectly sane. (See south park’s take on this, hillarious) I really would like to hear the other side’s point on this, I would find that interesting.

  13. guest says:

    “electing the first black president does not end racism”
    If you voted for Obama because you thought it would end what you consider racism, you are, quite honestly, a fucking moron.

  14. guest says:

    “Kosilek was born as Robert but has been living as a woman in an all-male prison.”

  15. guest says:

    14 –
    From a purely scientific fact based perspective, most if not all people who feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body have brains with specific physiological similarities to the opposite sex. For instance, the red nucleus in the brain (a specific identifiable area) in people seeking sex change operations resembles and functions like the same area in the opposite gender as opposed to the physiological gender of the individual.
    We don’t know why this happens, but we do know that it can happen when a developing fetus is exposed to sex hormones or chemicals acting like sex hormones of the opposite sex. Experiments using rats have shown that exposing female rats to male sex hormones at the right time during development will cause the females to exhibit male sexual behavior (mounting other rats).
    In short, these people have real, verifiable problems. If they’re crazy, their craziness is likely caused in part by having the wrong genitalia for their brain.

  16. guest says:

    17 –
    I hear ya. I understand that it’s ultimately an individual tragedy, for everyone of these people. What I oppose is subjecting everyone else in society to how these people view themselves. If I’m a woman sharing a bathroom with a tranny, I don’t really care about the profound medical explanation for why the person in the next stall has a dick. There is a difference between feeling bad for these people and collectively indulging their mental illness.
    – 11

  17. guest says:

    18 –
    And while we’re at it, can we get rid of those handicapped stalls, too? Paraplegics make me really uncomfortable and I already get stage fright. Having them in the bathroom with me just makes it worse. So, yeah. No handicapped stalls, please?

  18. guest says:

    19 = elementary logic FAIL

  19. guest says:

    20 = doesn’t get the joke

  20. guest says:

    fried frank person=one of the most stunningly repulsive people I have ever met and took great pains to identify herself as a lesbian and harvard law alum in basic conversation. One suspects that Fried Frank did with her as they do with all its FBUs, use them for 8-10 years then discard. This one was just uglier, more annoyning and more lesbian than most.

  21. guest says:

    Interesting information, I appreciate it. What does this red nucleus do?

  22. FrankReynolds says:

    Yes 2, the decade from hell. Where the fuck have you been?
    If you didn’t think so, don’t worry, we are all going there anyway so you won’t notice a difference.
    This brings me to my latest investment opportunity: “The Beaver Dam Fund.” (Named after my ex-wife.)
    Save your bonus money kiddies, uncle Frank is going to make you a millionaire!

  23. guest says:

    If the issue with transsexuals is that their brains are shaped like womens’ (/mens’) brains but their bodies are the opposite, then what we’re talking about is something akin to schizophrenia, right? Your brain is the wrong shape for the world you’ve been born into? On the one hand, we treat schizophrenia. On the other hand, not every schizophrenic gets to have their world constructed in such a way that makes them most comfortable with their predicament. That is, we don’t force everyone to act like the schizophrenic’s beliefs are correct– we dope up the schizophrenics to make them act as normal as possible. The analog would be giving trans persons testosterone or estrogen shots to make their brains respond in a way that matches their chromosomal or genital-idincated sex. Note, for the people who would invoke the suicide of Alan Turing, that this is not the same as giving estrogen to gay men– gay men don’t think they’re women. Trans persons actively seek hormone shots, they’re just getting hormone shots in the wrong direction (i.e. estrogen for chromosomal men, instead of testosterone). We don’t act like schizophrenics know what’s best for themselves, so why do we act like trans people do?
    The lunacy of this prisoner’s suit is that he expects to get a surgery that he might not have been able to get on the outside, pending ability to pay the medical bills. Prison should not be a back door into getting better healthcare.

  24. guest says:

    I am a millionaire trapped in a broke man’s body. I demand the million dollars I am entitled to.

  25. guest says:

    25 – You’re comparing two very different conditions. It’s much more complicated than having a brain that isnt shaped for the world into which you’re born. A better, yet still overly simplistic way to think about these two conditions is that schizophrenics have brains that are wired incorrectly, and transgenders have brains that are formed incorrectly. The treatment for both conditions should be the most effective available with the fewest risks/side effects possible. For schizophrenics, we have a host of atypical antipsychotics that can get the job done for many. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for transgenders. We can’t make their brain conform to their body. For them, the best solution is to make their body conform to their brain.
    This may change in time . . . eventually, we may have the ability to make these people “feel” like their physiological gender. Based on our current knowledge, however, this possibility is HIGHLY unlikely.
    For some recent information, see:
    Also, 23 –
    The red nucleus is largely vestigial. However, the truth is that we don’t know what it currently does in adults. It has been associated with movement and it has been linked to areas of the brain that are involved in sexual behaviors, but it, like 80% of the brain, is a relative mystery. It’s not the only region of the brain that shows differences, though. I was merely using it as an example.

  26. guest says:

    I think all perverts should be allowed to fuck themselves to death. That is all.

  27. guest says:

    Fried Frank is an insane asylum, I was there for 6 years, I should know. The vast majority of people there are just plain out of their minds–daily yellling, crying, breakdowns, shouting matches, like a reality TV show. No spirit of teamwork, politeness, cooperation or consideration whatsoever. I’m a fairly normal white dude from the ‘burbs, I only survived because I was so damn good they needed me. For fun we used to do lists of top 10 craziest Fried Frank partners. The older partners reminded me of the emperor in star wars–they scared the crap out of me. One thing I’ll give them though, you always knew where you stood–they didn’t go behind your back–if someone had a problem with you they would tell you to your face.

  28. guest says:

    13, sure compared to the 90s I guess you would probably think this is the decade from hell. I’m sure that’s the only perspective your pea brain can relate too. Let’s try some other decades for comparison:
    1970s: Vietnam, stagflation, Iran, Yom Kippur war, Nixon, Pol Pot.
    1960s: Vietnam, presidential assasination, bay of pigs, Six day war
    1950s: Korea, Iron Curtain falls, invention of the hydrogen bomb and MAD (mutually assured destruction).
    1940s: WWII which resulted in 20 million + deaths world wide.
    Our two current wars, while certainly wars and very real for those who serve in Iraq or Afghanistan, mean nothing to 95% of the population at home who haven’t been asked to make a single sacrafice. Combined they pale in terms of death and destruction with Korea or Vietnam, two of the smaller wars of the last century. You should be thanking your lucky stars that you weren’t the age you are now in the early 40s, when you would have been taken from your cozy home, a rifle thrust in your hands and sent overseas to slaughters like the Ardennes or Pelieu. Be thankful that you live in 2009.

  29. guest says:

    30 Right-mother fucking on.
    -Chappy Sinclair

  30. guest says:

    You’re right, 30. These kids have no idea that their pampered existences were not the norm before their candy asses were born. I thank my personal God we no longer have the Draft — how secure do you suppose this country would be if it had to charge its defense to the likes of these wuss boys?

  31. guest says:

    A number of other terminated female employees of Fried Frank currently have active cases against the firm, and allege issues and/or patterns of discrimination relevant to the arguments set forth in the Julie Kamps lawsuit. In addition, two other female former employees of Fried Frank employees filed successful discrimination lawsuits against the firm earlier in the decade. One of the lawsuits, which was based on age discrimination, forced Fried Frank to end its harassment of an older employee, thus making it possible for her to continue working at the firm until she retired voluntarily. The other discrimination lawsuit against Fried Frank, which alleged racial discrimination, forced Fried Frank to settle with a black secretary named Bobbie Fisher, whom it had fired without citing any performance problems or other explanations, as reported in The Amsterdam News. Also, I know Julie Kamps from her work at Fried Frank, and, based on my own experience during her tenure at the firm, greatly admire her humanity, courage, and integrity.

  32. guest says:

    P.S. to comment 30– these are only the discrimination lawsuits that I know about, and I assume there are more.

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