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Study Group At Columbia Requires A Transcript

columbia law school logo.jpgWe come across some ridiculous news here at Above the Law. But few stories are as douchetastic as what happened last week at Columbia Law School. A tipster reports:

Some 1L chick has been asking a select few of her classmates if they’d be interested in forming a study group. Here’s the catch: in order to be “accepted,” you have to submit (1) resume, (2) undergraduate transcript.

I barely know what to say. So I’m going to throw it to a friend of mine who graduated from Columbia Law a few years ago:

I haven’t heard about this, but it doesn’t surprise me….
Jesus Christ, this doesn’t surprise me. I graduated from a law school where s*** like this happens and I’m not surprised.

All right, let’s analyze the problems here after the jump.

Columbia Law School study group.jpgAsking fellow students to submit their undergraduate transcripts is unimaginably asinine. But submitting to the request is arguably even more pathetic:

[T]ell me what’s sadder: the fact that this poor girl thinks this is an acceptable thing to do, or that people have actually submitted their “qualifications”?

Here’s what I don’t understand, in no particular order:
* Don’t people tend to study with people they like? Does this Columbia law student have no friends?
* Explain to me again what an undergraduate transcript has to do with law school?
* Did the student do this in hopes of showing up on Above the Law? Am I being trolled?
* What kind of ego does it take to think that people must be qualified for the privilege of studying with you?
The last point really breaks me up. Fundamentally, setting up a study group is a nice way of saying: “I’m not smart enough to understand this on my own.” You are asking for help! Beggars cannot be choosers.
But is there a Columbia law student running around thinking that she’s so great that others must submit a freaking curriculum vitae to get in a room with her?
Sorry Columbia, but this would never happen at NYU.

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