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Extracurricular Pursuits for Attorneys: St. Louis Rams Cheerleader

raven akram sandberg phoenix cheerleader.jpgWe occasionally write about career alternatives for attorneys here at Above The Law. But as far as we know, cheerleading does not constitute a full-time job. So we’re creating a new “extracurricular pursuits” category for it.

Many lawyers are cheerleaders in a way, seeking to boost their clients’ spirits and fortunes and tout their best qualities. Perhaps that’s why this is not the first time a legal cheerleader has found her way into our pages.

An ATL reader alerted us that Raven Akram, an attorney at Sandberg Phoenix, moonlights as an NFL cheerleader for the St. Louis Rams. Sandberg Phoenix is a 65-attorney trial firm with “seriously unbelievable client service.” Akram joined the firm’s St. Louis office in 2008.

Our tipster writes:

I found myself wondering how I would feel as a client if I were at a NFL game and my attorney was profiled on the big screen in a skimpy bikini. I also found myself wondering why an apparently successful attorney would spend her spare time cheerleading for what is objectively the worst team in the NFL.

We imagine clients would feel excited… about having such a hot attorney.

Her firm bio is pretty dry; she’s a Saint Louis University School of Law grad who specializes in business litigation. Let’s take a look at her cheerleading bio (and photo), after the jump.

raven st. louis rams.jpgShe is identified solely as Raven in her St. Louis Rams bio.

There are a series of fun facts about her, including her favorite song:

If you are on a deserted island and could have one song play what would it be and why?

Closer by Goepelle. That song got me through law school. It would inspire me to figure out a way to get off of the island.

We sent an email to Akram yesterday and called her today, but have not heard back.

Hopefully her cheerleading efforts at Phoenix Sandberg are more fruitful than those for the Rams this season.

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