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Herman Thomas: Could the ‘Spanking Judge’ Become the ‘Spanking Senator’?

judge herman_thomas.jpgWe’re taking some trips down memory lane this week at Above the Law. Yesterday we wrote about Peter John, a Lawyer of the Day from 2007.
Today we bring you news about Herman Thomas, a Judge of the Day from 2007. He was accused of improperly paddling prisoners, but was acquitted at trial.
Now he’s exploring new opportunities in the political realm. From WKRG:

Three months after he was found not guilty of paddling and sexually abusing inmates, former Mobile County Circuit Judge Herman Thomas is running for State Senate.

“I wish to continue my commitment to serve my community that has done so much for me and my family,” Thomas said.

Like acquitting you on charges of spanking male prisoners and trading favorable treatment for sexual favors?
Herman Thomas isn’t the first former judge to go into politics. Over the years, there has been significant movement between the judicial and the legislative branches. (Linda Greenhouse has this nice write-up of the phenomenon.)
But ex-Judge Thomas’s move still seems a bit… random. Could there be another reason he’s running for elected office?

Thomas’ opponent, Senator Vivian Davis-Figures, testified for the prosecution during his sex abuse trial. Her son was one of Thomas’ alleged victims.

Ah, now it’s starting to make sense. But for the record, Thomas denies that his run is motivated by revenge:

Thomas says Figures’ testimony was not a factor in his decision. “I’m not running against anyone. I’m running for the people of Senate District 33,” Thomas said.

Thomas plans to focus on what he called several important issues facing District 33, including juvenile crime, a high dropout rate among high school students, low test scores, unemployment and neighborhood revitalization.

We hear that spanking is a good way to deal with juvies and truants. Spare the rod, spoil the child.
Good luck, former Judge Thomas, in your senatorial bid. May you spank the competition!
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