Morning Docket

Morning Docket 01.28.10

President Obama at State of the Union.jpg* As we noted last night, Supreme Court bashing in a State of the Union address is a rare thing. Though Obama is following in Roosevelt’s footsteps once again. [BLT]

* Linda Greenhouse’s take on Justice Alito’s reaction to the SotU. [New York Times]

* Florida Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein pleaded guilty yesterday. He finds out how much time he’ll be spending in prison in May. [Miami Herald]

* Do not copy Kaplan DVDs and sell them on eBay. [Wired]

* Nationwide Dissolution Watch: John Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards. [ABC News]

* Brittany Murphy’s husband plans to file a wrongful death suit against Warner Brothers. [Daily Beast]

* Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t want to host a terror trial. [City Room/New York Times]

* R.I.P., Louis Auchincloss. [Washington Post and WSJ Law Blog]

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