Non-Sequiturs: 02.09.10

John Murtha RIP.JPG* Representative John Murtha died just one week after having his gall bladder removed. Coincidence? I had to have my gall bladder removed three and a half years ago, I was terrified until they told me they were using “lasers” — like in Star Trek … cool. Sorry commenters, I remain as strong as an ox. [New York Personal Injury Law Blog]
* The South Carolina Subversive Organization Registration Act is offensive on its face. You don’t even have to get into the obvious money grab aspect to become annoyed. [Going Concern]
* Understanding why law school applications continue to rise despite every observable measure of reason and logic might be the last step to finally nailing down a unified theory of everything. Somebody needs to lock Stephen Hawking, Brent Spiner, and Robert Post in a room until they figure this out. [Business Insider]
* Is it time for laid off lawyers to start doing manual labor? I hope not. Above the Truckstop doesn’t seem like it would be as fun to write for. [Law and More]
* InsideCounsel wonders why Baby Boomer partners can be found in the office long after younger associates leave? I’m not entirely sure, but it might have something to do with the fact that the kids understand that a brick and mortar office is just a little bit obsolete. [What About Clients?]

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