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Snowpocalypse LSAT at Georgetown

Georgetown Law logo.jpgWe were beset by technical difficulties here at ATL yesterday (as we explained in our Twitter feed). We apologize for the site outages; hopefully the situation will be better next week.
At least we didn’t have to go out in the snow. Our brethren in D.C. were not as fortunate. The Washington Post reports:

The full weight of winter brought life in much of the Washington region to a standstill Saturday as a storm predicted to be one of the most powerful on record dumped 12 to 21 inches of snow overnight. …
[O]fficials pleaded with people to stay off the roads until conditions improve. People were confined to their homes by the mountains of snow, many in the dark as trees brought down power lines.

Stay off the roads? But we’ve got an LSAT to take, damn it.

That’s right, despite the cries of local officials — to say nothing of logic and common sense — Georgetown decided to plow through with its administration of a February LSAT exam. Those who had to travel to Georgetown were not happy:

I don’t know if its hubris or obliviousness, but Georgetown University has decided that despite SNOWPOCALYPSE 2.0, they will still be having their February LSAT tomorrow. They must think that the only people signed up to take it at their University are Georgetown students, but they would be wrong. As a result, I’m now facing the options of either a) somehow make it from Old Town to Georgetown at 8am tomorrow in the blizzard (approx. 5 miles and the public transportation is all shut down) or b) not showing up and losing my money to LSAC, getting an “absence” on my score sheet and having to pay the full amount to take it in June.

Tests were canceled all across Virginia, Maryland, and the District. But according to this list of test center closings provided by LSAC, the Georgetown location was open for business.
So … did anybody actually show up to take the LSAT? I wouldn’t be surprised. Taking the LSAT right now is an indication that you haven’t been paying a lot of attention to reports of legal economy disaster; why would you take heed of natural snowy disasters?
How did it go? Feel free to talk about your winter LSAT here in the comments this weekend, or the day after tomorrow.
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