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ATL Courtship Connection: “Good Luck To You”

Thumbnail image for Courtship connection.jpgHere at Above the Law, we’re experts at bringing you breaking legal news. For a change of pace, we decided to try something in which we don’t necessarily have expertise: matchmaking. We invited single New Yorkers to hand their dating lives over to us and had over 160 people take us up on the invitation.
We sent two of them out on a date last week. In our set-up, people are truly going on blind dates — no names or descriptions, beyond an identifying item. There is no advance Facebook-stalking or Googling. The only thing these two knew going into the date is that they are both Above the Law readers. We had them meet at Olive’s in the W Hotel in Union Square on Thursday evening.
In our Courtship Connection survey, we asked people to tell us what they would be doing if they weren’t in law. He said he would be an investment banker or consultant. She says she likes to deal with rich executives. Both in the 26-30 age range, graduates of top law schools, he in Biglaw and she in marketing, what could go wrong?

Courtship Connection photo.jpgA newly-minted Biglaw lawyer, our male legal eagle likes Johnny Walker, names John Roberts as his favorite SCOTUS Justice, and thinks you can bill 2500 hours per year and still have a decent social life. We asked if he had any trouble finding his blind date:

We did find each other, with surprisingly little trouble given the sparse identifying details. The quarters at Olives were a bit cramped so we went to Cibar. Given the circumstances, I thought that the evening was surprisingly not awkward. We both had a couple glasses of wine over a couple hours of relaxed conversation. I think we shared somewhat of a bond about our distaste of the law – she was already doing something else and I have similar plans too. While I think a romantic relationship is unlikely, I could see the possibility of a friendship. Thanks for your matchmaking efforts!

Our Vodka Gimlet-loving lady who favors Nino — “I don’t agree with his opinions but they’re consistently hilarious and well written” — felt similarly:

We met at Olives at the W in Union Square at 7:30pm on Thursday. He was tall and kind of looked like Cam from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but less quirky and more New England preppy floppy-haired All-American. He was normal looking but not my type and there was zero attraction. Olives was packed, and I suggested we walk to Irving Place after he said he wasn’t that familiar with Union Square (which was weird considering he went to law school in downtown NYC).
We ended up at Cibar and had a pleasant enough conversation about food, restaurants and bars. He was a nice and smart guy, but we had one particularly hilarious exchange in which he was going on and on about the amenities in his apartment building – doorman, valet, laundry, gym – and then he asked me where I lived. I said, “A tenement building in the East Village.” I asked if he was into dogs and he said not really.
He got the check, which I thought was gentlemanly, and then said something about having to “get up early” as some kind of explanation for ending the date, which was odd because there was no need to pad it with bullshit, as I was more than happy to end the date after drink one but he ordered a second round so I did as well.
Anyway, we ended it with a heartfelt “good luck to you” and a handshake, and then he asked me which way Broadway was. I later took a cab and lost my wallet.

Okay, so our first matchmaking attempt fell flat, but I let Elie have a hand in this one. The matchmaking for the next two dates this week were spearheaded by Lat and myself, respectively. So we’ll see who’s the best Cupid on our editorial staff.
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