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ATL/New Yorker Caption Contest Finalists: In Bed with SCOTUS

This week’s New Yorker caption contest features a cartoon depicting The Nine. The cartoon gets even further under their robes than Lat ever has.
We couldn’t get permission to post it, but it shows the high court taking a position that can only be described as post-coital. Check it out here.
We were disappointed in the captions chosen by the New Yorker editors, so we ran our own contest. Our top ten favorites after the jump.

We were impressed by your captioning prowess, but we had to narrow the field to our top ten favorites:

A. “The Court’s already been pleased, counsel.”
B. So this is why arguing before the Supreme Court is the ultimate test of oral skill?
C. Kennedy was shocked to discover he wasn’t the only swing justice on the Court.
D. How’d you like to be an amicus curiae – with benefits?
E. “I think we know what position we are going to take without hearing further from you, Counselor. However, just in case, please leave your copy of Kama Sutra at the lectern.”
F. Justices eager to see what type of dicta Counsel has in his briefs.
G. We really need more women on the bench.
H. Nervous lawyer can’t quite bring himself to imagine the Justices fully naked.
I. Strange…Justice Ginsburg is rarely in the middle.
J. I was expecting a hot bench, but this?

Choose your favorite below. Voting ends Sunday at midnight.

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