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A Round-Up of Terrible $10/Hour Lawyer Jobs in California

We’ve done a lot of stories on terrible legal jobs advertised on Craigslist. But they keep getting worse. Last week, a posting went up that was so bad it was possibly illegal:

Entry level plaintiff’s civil litigator wanted (Downtown San Diego)

We are looking for aspiring, licensed lawyers with a passion for trial advocacy on behalf of consumers and injured victims in San Diego county.

Candidates should be 0-2+ year attorneys. The office atmosphere is professional, busy, collegial, and we are located in downtown San Diego. This position offers the unique opportunity to join our team and learn every aspect of civil litigation. The successful candidate will be expected to be eager to try small-to-moderate injury cases to a jury within only a year or two of joining the firm. Respond only if you have a strong desire to learn how to litigate and try cases, and have the strong work ethic to keep up with the rather large learning curve.


1. Cover letter
2. Resume
3. Writing sample
4. References

The starting salary is $1,600-$2,000/month

***Please: If the starting salary is too low, please do not respond.***

If everything works out great for you, you could make $10/hour. But at the bottom end, you could wind up making $6.67 an hour. Minimum wage in California is $8.00. I know some people think that recent law school graduates are worthless, but this is a bit ridiculous…

No lawyer should be able to honor the tagline from the job posting. The salary is so low that it’s illegal. Here’s the breakdown from The Law Life:

[P]rofessionals in the State of California are exempt from the 40 hour work week requirement and minimum wage law so long as they earn at least twice minimum wage. See the Order here (pdf). That is the equivalent of $640 per week or $2,560 per month. This employer cannot ask for both a 50-60 hour work week while paying a $1,600-$2,000 monthly salary.

But I mean it’s cool. No one expects attorneys to know or follow the law.

This kind of monetary disrespect is sweeping the state of California. This next one isn’t illegal, but paying people $10 an hour in one of the wealthiest counties in the country is pathetic:

Recently Licensed Attorney or Law School Graduate (Beverly Hills)

Beverly Hills Law Firm doing business and entertainment litigation– looking for part-time recently licensed attorney or law school graduate to work on various files. Work would consist of drafting subpoenas, drafting complaints for misappropriation of image and breach of contract cases, researching copyright holder info., researching various legal issues, involving intellection property/entertainment law, real estate and business law. The position will be paid at $10.00 an hour. This job is essentially a resume build with great experience offered. Moreover, if you do a good job, you will be given an outstanding recommendation for your next job. Need to be able to start immediately. Thank you.

You know what’s going to be really annoying? When some law school counts the person who takes this job as “employed upon graduation.”

Hopefully, nobody with a J.D. is this desperate. Honestly, there are aspiring actresses working strip clubs in L.A. with more self-respect than this.

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