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Happy Easter!

To those of you who celebrate it, Happy Easter!

Last year we gave you a law-related Peeps creation, by lawyer Frank Salamone. We continue the tradition this year:

So, what’s the backstory behind this year’s Peeps diorama?

Frank Salamone explains:

As he watched me build this, my boyfriend kept laughing, shaking his head, and saying “Good Lord, I’m dating a five-year-old.” To some extent, he’s right. As much as I love being a lawyer (and I do, honestly, find lawyering to be a lot of fun), after spending the day working on difficult cases, it’s fun to come home and work on something I enjoyed as a child. This is only the second year I’ve created a Peeps diorama, but it won’t be my last. I decided to make one last year when I found out that the American Bar Association Journal was sponsoring a Peeps Diorama contest focusing on law-related dioramas.

Making a diorama out of Peeps was something I’d always wanted to try, and after considering a variety of ideas (busting the Easter Bunny for breaking and entering, Peeps stealing each other’s Cadbury eggs, etc.), a photo of the court caught my eye. I wondered what it would look like if that photo was done in Peep, so I took a shot at it. After getting a lot of positive feedback on last year’s diorama, I decided I’d do something with the Court again this year.

Since the confirmation of Justice Sotomayor was one of last year’s biggest law-related events, I decided to do a diorama based on that. Everyone I know who’s argued in front of her or met her in another context thinks very highly of her, without exception. More than a few described her as a “rockstar” or a “diva” (in a good way), so that inspired me to do put her up on a catwalk. After making a few adjustments to make her look more like a Supreme Court Justice and less like Lady Gaga (hint: never put hair on a Peep), the diorama was ready to go. I hope everyone gets a kick out of it!

We certainly did. We wish Frank the best of luck in this year’s ABA Journal Peeps contest.

If SCOTUS-inspired Peeps creations aren’t your cup of tea, there are alternatives. How about… sushi made out of Peeps, aka Peepshi?

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