Morning Docket

Morning Docket 04.12.10

Dawn Johnsen gives up on OLC

* After a yearlong hold-up, Dawn Johnsen withdraws her nomination to the Office of Legal Counsel. [Huffington Post]

* There’s been so much Stevens retirement coverage that new angles are rare. But this piece is fresh: on what the High Court now lacks. [The Root via Concurring Opinions]

* Class action against Texas judge for requiring litigants to file via Lexis Nexis. [Courthouse News Service]

* Wilmer Hale co-managing partner William Lee is the first Asian-American selected to serve on the Harvard Corporation. [Boston Globe; Harvard Crimson]

* Florida man sued for $15,000 for negative eBay review. [Florida Today]

* The New York Times speaks out about law school clinics. [New York Times]

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