Non-Sequiturs 04.08.10

* A man allegedly robbed a Staples in an attempt to get a felony conviction. Why did he want a felony on his record? To avoid going to law school. Sure, this guy is crazy, crazy like a fox. [ via Twitter]

* Remember the judge who was indicted for keying another man’s car? He pleaded guilty. [ABA Journal]

* … And while we’re closing loops, do you remember the guy who was arrested for indecent exposure in his own home? He got off. [Washington Post]

* Larry Tribe is going to help out the DOJ a little. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Cracking down on unpaid internships could have unintended consequences. [Fashionista]

* JP Stevens isn’t just the last Protestant standing. He’s also the only sitting Justice with military experience. [Daily Record]

* Like everybody who is in touch with their inner child, we love legal peeps. Now you can vote on your favorite peep diorama. [ABA Journal]

* We know a lot of you are coming to the event we’re hosting with PLC, but don’t forget to RSVP. [Above the Law]

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