Non-Sequiturs: 04.19.10

* How do you persuade Justice Scalia? [ABA Now]

* Here’s a podcast that includes me going absolutely apes**t about Hollywood misconceptions of lawyers. Usually these rants are lost in the din of an open bar. Michelle King, executive producer of The Good Wife, and Michael Asimow, a law professor at UCLA, add more reasonable perspectives. [Law School iPodcasts]

* It’s not enough that summer associates programs have been scaled back. Some people want them eliminated entirely. [TechnoLawyer]

* What if Oliver Wendell Holmes were a frontrunner for a SCOTUS nomination today? [Suits & Sentences]

* The DOJ is planning on prosecuting a leading porn director in D.C., instead of a more socially conservative jurisdiction. [Politico]

* If DNA day existed in the 90s, O.J. would have been convicted. Just saying. Good to see Blawg Review doing its part on behalf of science. [Genomics Law Report via Blawg Review]

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