Non-Sequiturs: 04.23.10

* A Cal State Northridge professor has some helpful advice for scoring a hooker in Thailand. [Adjunct Law Prof Blog]

* Apparently the person who made this “pitch perfect” film is a 1L at U.C. Irvine Law. I guess one has time for such pursuits when attending law school for free. [New York Times]

* Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minnow offers her take on the future of legal education. [Harvard Law School]

* You know how a gaggle of moderately attractive women will invariably have one hideous friend whose function is to make all the other girls feel better about themselves? I think that’s why the other Western states hang out with Utah. [WSJ Law Blog]

* File this under “More Totally Inappropriate Uses for Twitter.” [Bad Lawyer]

* While New York City is busy making cutbacks, let’s hope they don’t cut back on the constitutional right to a defense. [New York County Lawyer’s Association]

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